uction, and

monopoliz▓ed the material and cultu

ion, cruel oppress


ion and exploitation, and possessed no means of

ople, the Central People's Government and the Tibetan people took decisi▓ve measures to quell the

rebellion. Meanwhile, a vigorous democratic r▓eform were carried out on a massive scale in Tibet to overthrow Tibet's feudal serfdom system under theocracy and liberate about one million serfs and slaves, ushering in a new era with the people becoming their own masters. The democratic reform was the most extensive, deepest and greatest social reform in the history of Tibet, and signified an epoch-makin▓g event in Tibet's history of social development and the progress o

f its human rights, as well as a significa


production or personal freedom whatsoe

nt advance in the history of human civilizat▓ion and the world's human rights development. Over t

he past half century, thanks to the care of the Central People's Government and aid from across the nation, the liberated people of all ethnic groups i▓n Tibet have, in the capacity of masters of the nation, enthusiastically participated in the grand course of constructing▓ a new society and creating their new lives, and worked miracles that had never happened in the Tibetan history. The social system of Tibet has ▓developed by leaps and bounds; its modernization has advanced rapidly; Tibetan so▓ciety has undergone earth-sha


ver, not to mention othe

king historic changes; and remarkable pro▓gress has been made in the cause of human rights, which

has attracted wor▓ldwide attention. The year 2009 marks the 50th anniversary of the democratic reform in Ti▓bet. It is conducive to telling the right from wrong in history and helps the wo▓rld better understand a real Tibet in progress for us to▓ review the overwhelming democratic reform and the profound historical changes that have taken place in Tibet over the past 50 years, to shed light on the laws governing the ▓social development of Tibet, and expose through facts t

he various lies▓ and rumors spread by the 1


r basic human righ▓ts. The

4th Dalai Lama and his hard-core s▓upporters over the so-called "Tibet issue," as well as the tru

e colors of the 14th Da▓lai Lama himself. Director Lu Chuan's coming offering "Na▓nking Nanking" is being held up in post production. The dire▓ctor of "Ke Ke Xi Li"'s says he's still not satisfied with the production values▓ of his latest effort so, the young director plans to delay releases of the film."Nanking Nanking", based on the Nanking Massacre of 1937, is still in post production. Director Lu Chuan says volumi▓nous amounts of film shot during production have slo

wed the editing of the cinematic release ve

Agreement enabl

rsion of the film.Lu Chuan said, "We have t▓o do justice to the effort we put in to shooting

over a very long period. We shot enough film for a

 main release and a sequel. But that's n

ever been our intention. We▓ want to give the audienc

ed Tibet to

ibet sho

e a compact, full-bodied film. So we've spent a lot of▓ time choosing which shots to include in the final verson and which to cut."Lu Chuan's last documentary-style pr▓oduction "Ke Ke Xi Li" was an award winner at interna▓tional film festivals. Critics and general audiences loved it. Standing on that lofty pinnacle Lu Chuan, says he wants to raise the standard from his previo▓us film. He also says the film will be more challenging for viewers.Lu said, "I think the quality of this film is even be

uld carry out reform voluntarily." How▓ever, in consideration of the special circumstances of Tibet, the Central Pe
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